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The Best Online Content Strategy for the Next 90 Days….

As we move into the last 2 months of 2019 it’s the PERFECT time to get your content strategy on point so you can start the 2020 business year strong.

I know this is the time of the year where it’s SUPER temping to get distracted with the holidays coming up and put your business stuff out of your mind but trust me you will be regretting that come January 2020 so don’t put this off!

7 Reasons You Need a Content Strategy:

  • Reason #1: You’re ideal clients are looking for solutions to the problems you solve and with the right content strategy you can reach them
  • Reason #2: If you have a message inside of you the best place to get it out to the world right now is through online content. Every piece of content online lives on as part of your legacy. Your content has the potential to carry impacting lives long after you are gone.
  • Reason #3: If you don’t have any valuable content online you don’t have visible tangible brand online.
  • Reason #4: We are in a time where it’s harder than ever to stand out above the noise and have your message be heard. With the right content strategy we can get that accomplished.
  • Reason #5: We know in order to generate revenue online you have to build trust with your people. People have to know, like and trust you to ever buy from you. With the right content strategy you can build high levels of trust with your people before you ever make them an offer. This is key to success in business.
  • Reason #6: Your ideal clients need to see you as both relatable and credible. Through the right content strategy you can position yourself as an authority in your industry who your people can relate to.
  • Reason #7: Content is many people’s first experience with you and can lead them down the client journey to the next step you want to invite them into (i.e. free gift, application to work with you, etc)

What makes a great content strategy?

Well first let’s clarify the word strategy. This implies you have a strategy with your content, you aren’t just haphazardly posting things here and there across various platforms. Your content strategy involves knowing which platforms to post to, how often, what to post and where your content is leading people next. All of that is part of having a strategy.

To have a solid content strategy you must also understand not all content is created equal. Some content positions you better, some content is more trust building, and some content is more likely to be consumed by your ideal clients than others. It’s important to know the different levels of content for authority building online.

A content strategy also need to take into consideration how your ideal clients want to consume content. Your content strategy is really all about them, not you 🙂 If you make it all about you and what you like and don’t like with content you woke make much of an impact with your content.

A good content strategy needs to leverage both the SEO and social so your strategy should include both.

Your content needs to add true value to people. You can do this by addressing their biggest problems, fears, concerns, frustrations, their dreams and goals and their common questions.

Your content needs to be engaging. The more you can touch, move and inspire people through your online content the more impact and result your content will have.

Your content strategy needs to be consistent. I know life can get busy, and I have certainly dropped the ball on this on the last few years. But a lot of what got me on the map online was being very consistent with my content starting out.

That leads me to the next point which is stick to one platform until you are consistent with it before adding another platform.

But most important of all your content needs to GET PUBLISHED! If it lives in your head and heart and never gets out to the world in the form of consumable online content you will limit the impact you have on the planet.

Where to start with your content strategy:

First of all start with putting at least one valuable piece of content out the world on at least one platform asap. Don’t delay on getting the message that’s inside of you out to the world. If you knew you only had 7 days left to live what kind of content would you put out the world to leave a legacy. What do you truly want to say to people? What’s the message you’re dying to express to the world?

Start there and get at least 1 piece of valuable content out to the world every week for the next 12 weeks on at least one platform (you can pick just one!). That will be 12 pieces of content that are impacting people in the world and that’s better than doing nothing at all!

How to maximize your content strategy and overall business strategy for 2020:

As for getting your personalized content strategy all dialed in to ensure you are positioning yourself as an authority and getting maximum exposure as well as leveraging both SEO and social media engagement… I can help you with that.

For a limited time I’m offering FREE Marketing Makeovers ($197 value) where we identify exactly what needs to shift in your marketing to start getting results online and the steps to get there.

During your Marketing Makeover session you will also be given my new 2020 Content Strategy Cheat Sheet to start using immediately. I have a limited number of spots and I’m only taking applications until Tues Nov 5th.

Please note the Marketing Makeover is NOT a sales call, however, If you get value from the complimentary Marketing Makeover and would like more consulting/coaching time with me you will have an opportunity to purchase a 1/2 Day Virtual VIP Session at a significantly discounted rate on the call. The Virtual VIP Day is a 3.5 hour deep dive session over zoom where we map out your complete online content strategy, your list building strategy, and your promotion and sales strategy (including your offers). If you want to know more ask about it at the end of your call.

How to apply for a complimentary Marketing Makeover Session with me:

Simply click here and answer the questions on the application form no later than Tues Nov 5th at midnight and I’ll be in touch!

Regardless of whether you apply for a Marketing Makeover session with me or not please don’t hold back on getting your content out the world. Your story and your message matters and every day that goes by without you sharing your content is another person’s life that isn’t impacted by what God has called you to do.

No more excuses, it’s time to let your light shine!

I have more emails coming that will help you in different areas of business and marketing so stay tuned!

Much love,

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