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Self Critical Entrepreneurs Limit Their Success

Self critical entrepreneurs or leaders who tend to be critical of themselves limit their own success in business and life and negatively impact their own quality of life. I know this all too well as someone who spent much of my life being self critical. Being self critical holds us back in many areas but

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When Nothing Seems To Be Going Right In Business and Life

When nothing seems to be going right in business and life as an entrepreneur it can be difficult to stay encouraged. The reality is that when we are already feeling overwhelm and self doubt it doesn’t take much else to go wrong for us to end up very discouraged. Many people feel so discouraged they

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The Power of Belief

The power of belief is critical to understand and apply in all areas of life that matter to you, faith, business, leadership, relationships. What you believe changes everything so it all starts with getting clear on what you believe and drawing a line in the sand and taking a stand in what you believe.  This

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let your light shine in the business world

Let Your Light Shine In The Business World

Let your light shine in the business world is a training for anyone who wants to make an impact in the world. If you are ready to let your light shine and you want to know exactly what that means for you to we want to encourage you and lift you up.  If you are

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Discovering Your Entrepreneur Value

Discovering entrepreneur value is critical to you being able to own your worth in the marketplace. This episode will help you see why you are one of a kind, why you simply must get your message out to the world with no excuses, and how to be bold and confident in doing so. If you

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Prayer For Business Success

A prayer for business success is all about coming at it with the right heart. A heart submitted and surrendered to God with total humility and reverence before almighty God. It’s important to seek God’s will and not our own self ambition when we pray to God about business and success. God’s word tell us

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What Does Freedom In Christ Mean? [This Changes EVERYTHING]

What does freedom in Christ mean? Can you truly have freedom in following Jesus without feeling like you are following rules or being deprived in this life? The answer is YES! Imagine if following Jesus could give you more freedom than you have ever experienced with never feeling you “have to” do something or follow

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"Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind”
- Romans 12:2 -