Self Critical Entrepreneurs Limit Their Success

Self critical entrepreneurs or leaders who tend to be critical of themselves limit their own success in business and life and negatively impact their own quality of life. I know this all too well as someone who spent much of my life being self critical.

Being self critical holds us back in many areas but when we have a breakthrough in this area not only do we start having more fun in business and life but we are also more productive and effective along the way.

In today’s episode we explore where the self criticism comes from and how to transform it so you can be free from the limitations that self criticism brings.

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2 thoughts on “Self Critical Entrepreneurs Limit Their Success”

  1. Aloha Mia… I came across you and your training through being a network marketer and seeing your name before as a fellow networker. I recently went through my warm market list to prepare for a 90 day blitz during the upcoming prime recruiting season from September to just before the holidays in December, and your name was there even though we have never met. I kept it in that database because I knew you were a leader, and after enrolling for your newsletter recently and listening to some of your training, I have to say I am grateful and very impressed with how you share your knowledge and education with a God centered approach, and also how you use your great beauty in such a wonderful way, very purely without any false ego. Just wanted to thank you for all you do. I will continue to take your coaching and apply it to my business and my life. I am also a God centered networker, and you know how challenging that can be in this wonderful and often crazy industry… but as we also know, challenges are God’s blessing for us to become stronger in our faith and everything else. Don’t know if you’re building a business right now, but if you’d be open to talk about that, the opportunity I’m involved with currently is from the same niche in the industry where I came across you in the first place, precious metals. I attempted to work with Numis in the beginning and some years later, but my spiritual base and law enforcement background told me there was something wrong, and that proved in the end to be true. I did, however, harvest the contact info for more than 10 thousand Numis reps before they closed down, and have them in a database along with a number of other precious metals networkers from other companiesss that I use for my own prospecting and provide for my teammates. My coach for 20 years, Tracy Biller, teaches target marketing, talking to people who have already shown an interest in what we do, and that just makes sense to me. I have built three large and profitable downlines in the last 20 years by following his coaching. Anyway, didn’t mean for this to be a pitch… just wanted to say how much I appreciate everything you share, and thank you for your very important work. God bless you.

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